Holden Battles the Summer Doldrums: Introduction

Hello, my name is Holden, and I'm bookseller, recent graduate from Westminster College, and a reader. Unfortunately, while college was an unforgettable experience, I rarely had time to read what I wanted. So, this summer I'm setting myself the Herculean goal of reading two books a week.

Every Wednesday you can come to our website to read about my thoughts and experience. This college degree should have taught me how to write interesting words and think compelling thoughts, right? I'll be reading classics, new and upcoming titles, and even some of those wily academic reads that so often get an undeserving cold shoulder. I'll tell you what I think about the books--what I liked, what I disliked, what challenged or bored me, and so on-- and I'll be reflecting on my actual reading experience. What is it like to be this fresh, green college graduate with time on your hands, and why spend your time on books, particurlarly these books? For the most part, I'll be reading one fiction titlesand one non-fiction title, but there will be exceptions. I'll have my full reading list up soon.

Why am I doing this foolhardy thing? Well, even with a degree in the humanities, there's a world of recorded and imagined experience, history, and knowledge that I still have yet to plumb. I'm off to graduate school after the summer, so who knows when I'll have another chance to read for pleasure; now is the time to read broadly, and do a lot of it. The secondary reason for this blog is to hold me accountable to someone. Even if no one reads these posts, I will imagine that I have an audience to answer to, and I don't want to disappoint.

That being said, there will be weeks where I do not meet my goal. That's okay! I won't stop blogging, but I'll talk about why I didn't reach my goal and reflect on that. If anything you can come online to see someone admit and embrace failure, and that's novel.

Posts for Holden Battles the Summer Doldrums will be up every Wednesday for the summer season. You can search for this blog using #holdenreads on social media. Stay tuned!