Coming Soon: Red Emma's Lovecraft Halloween Blog

Beginning 19 September with a new post each Wednesday leading up to Halloween, I, Red Emma will blog abouty Lovecraft: his writing, his life, and his odd predilection for Anglicized spellings. If you'd like to follow along at home, I'll be reading the Del Rey compilations from 1996, all of which can be ordered through

Lovecraft is often cited as an influence by creative types, from titans of horror such as Guillermo del Toro to Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland of Rick and Morty fame. Though an incorrigible bigot who held quaint beliefs about the unintelligence of the lower classes, the legend of Lovecraft has managed to survive obscurity, first through the dedicated work of friends, and later because his writing is just so damn creepy - there's nothing like it, and I often wonder what spark of madness must have touched him - or if he slept at night. He must have, because he left a sizable body of work about his dreams. Lovecraft was a dreamwalker. I wonder, too, what he would think about the way his work has endured, especially the way it has been used copyright-free by countless many for a couple decades shy of a century. But these kinds of wonderings will have to wait. This is only the introduction, and I will have seven posts in the weeks ahead in which to wonder and wander.

Please join me. I hope we'll have some spooky fun.

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