Collectors' Book Salon

Book-lovers and collectors meet at Weller Book Works Collectors' Book Salons on the last Friday of each month, January through October. Serious and frivolous bibliophiles meet in our Rare Book Department for friendship conversation, edification and bibliolust. We start at 6:30 pm and at 7:15, an invited bibliophile leads the Collectors' Chat about a topic of her or his particular knowledge and passion. And at each salon there is also a special deal on rare books.

Activist, attorney and former Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson has a massive library but if the collector’s fetish touched him, I believe less so than his appetite for knowledge. Rocky is a fast, clear thinking idealist. He has spent his abundant energy fighting against climate change, for immigration and prison reform, and for LGBT rights. He has worked to end the stupid war on drugs, and led the charge to impeach George W. Bush and cronies for their illegal and devastating war in Iraq. A Rocky Anderson sentence is pertinent, complex and precise. He has agreed to give The Collector’s Chat on July 27th. He hasn’t defined the event, which is okay – we strive to keep ideas out of boxes of precedent or expectation. However, I suggested to Rocky that he tell us about books that influenced him most. Whatever he chooses, it will be lively and entertaining.


In August, Michael Stewart will conduct the Collector’s Chat. Michael is one of the most thoughtful and delicate handlers of books I know. When he volunteered to help us move in 2011, I appointed him to the rare book department knowing he’d pack perfectly without supervision. I loved his 2014 Collector’s Chat about Great Essayists. Knowing how careful he is with books makes his teaser about the August Salon especially intriguing and provocative. He wrote this. “Towards compiling a chrestomathy of the English Language for the Ages – or – the fine art of marring a book; being a fist-full of books penciled, penned and dog-eared, containing passages that one would not wrongly let die – and, incidentally of the genius of insanity and the imbecile idiot rivalry.” Yes, that. Maybe you can interpret it. Maybe Michael is taunting my analytical dada mind. Thank you, Michael, I need help with that. Join us and find out on August 31st.