The Complete Chinese Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: 140 Asian Food Recipes For Tasty Dishes From China (Paperback)

The Complete Chinese Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: 140 Asian Food Recipes For Tasty Dishes From China Cover Image
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Are you looking for a cookbook with 140 easy recipes for classic and vegetarian dishes from China?In this 2 books in 1 edition by Emma Yang, you will learn how to cook at home traditional and vegetarian Chinese food.

In the first book, Chinese Cookbook, you will learn how to cook at home traditional and modern Chinese food.

Chinese cuisine is one of the most underrated cuisine in the world. It is always shown as greasy, with bulky rice noodles and simple cut of meats, usually chicken, but this view first of all does not necessarily means that the food isn't good and mostly is far from the reality of a cuisine that can be as tasty as elegant.

One thing is true though: Chinese food rhymes with comfort food. From noodles soups to slow cooked Sichuan pork, from perfectly fried shrimps to the most amazing crunchy and juicy dumplings, Chinese cuisine's main characteristic is that is can be spicy, tasty, mouthwatering and light at the same time.

The definition itself of Chinese food is extremely generic. With over 1 billion people and one of the biggest territories in the world, is not a surprise that recipes change from north to south, from Shandong, where the Cantonese cuisine is most spread, to Xiang where spicy hot dishes are the kings of the table.

In Chinese Cookbook by Emma Yang you will learn:

  • 70 recipes for preparing traditional Chinese food at home
  • How to cook real Chinese dishes at home
  • Easy to follow recipes for surprising friend and family

If you love China and you want to get closer to the Chinese culture with food, this cookbook is for you

In the second book, Vegetarian Chinese Cookbook, you will learn how to cook 77 easy recipes for amazing vegetarian Chinese dishes.

Chinese is one of the most versatile cuisine when it comes to switch to vegetarian dishes. Most of the iconic classic dishes have already a version without pork, beef or fish. Baozi? Even more delicious with vegetables and mushrooms inside. Dumplings? Grilled vegetables stuffed are golden Shenzhen Chicken? Well that no, but, honestly, who cares?

Vegetarian diet is healthy and responsible for your body, mind and environment. It can also be as tasty as regular dieting, the matter is just cooking the right dishes with right ingredients. Chinese cuisine relies a lot on vegetables and spices, making every dish as tasty as possible.

From soups to spring rolls, from tofu with chili to crispy stir fry noodles or wok recipes, it is easy to prepare at home your favorite vegetarian Chinese recipes following quick steps.

In Vegetarian Chinese Home Cooking by Adele Tyler you will learn:

  • History of Chinese food
  • How to prepare at home 77 recipes for traditional and modern Chinese dishes
  • Over 77 recipes for vegetarian Chinese food

If you love asian flavors and you are looking for new ideas for your vegetarian diet, this cookbook is for you

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