Emotional Eating: The complete step by step workbook to start your journey toward food freedom: How to stop overeating and develop a hea (Paperback)

Emotional Eating: The complete step by step workbook to start your journey toward food freedom: How to stop overeating and develop a hea Cover Image
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How would your life be if you didn't have constant worries about your about food, your eating patterns, or your body? How would your life be if you loved your body a little bit more than you do now?

Have you gone from diet to diet, but nothing seemed to work? Or perhaps there are times when the number on the scales made you excited and confident, but it lasted for a short while because whatever you did to reduce your weight was not sustainable. You got disappointed and went on to binge because you felt out of control. Maybe you find it easier to reach out for food to comfort you or numb when you feel overwhelmed. Food relieves your feelings temporarily, but afterward, you feel bad about yourself, and you eat some more, and the cycle continues.

There is another way

Dieting doesn't work, while we know that we are always tempted to try different diets have a sense of having control. Every diet is the same. The first day is easy. By the third day, you get both angry and hungry. By the fifth day, you have already had enough, and you find yourself on the floor of your kitchen in the middle of the night with an empty tin of ice cream as tears flow freely, as you feel like the biggest failure in the world. You don't have to go through that.

Diets increase your risk of getting an eating disorder. If you are struggling with eating, and have constant worries about what to eat or not or when and how much to eat, if you have constant worries about your body size or shape, and all this is stopping you from living your best life, I'm here to tell you that there is another way.

It is possible to get healing and have the right relationship with food. Instead of using food for comfort, it takes its rightful place for nourishment, and this helps you to have enough energy for your work and can have quality time to devote to your family and friends. Knowing emotional eating symptoms increases your self-awareness and can help you learn how to stop. You can learn how to eat the right way and have more confidence in your body.

Here are some of the valuable information you will find:

- How to recognize if you are an emotional eater

- the difference between emotional and physical hunger

- Identify the Emotional eating triggers

- How to stop Emotional Eating and develop Mindful Eating

- A Four Week mindful Eating Plan with simple exercises to practice every day

- Tips to keep yourself committed

- BONUS: Easy Low Carbs Snack and Breakfast recipes to control your cravings

....and much more

This book will help you to identify the causes of your emotional eating patterns and help you to have a plan for how to bring back your control of what food to eat. You can have freedom and control around food and eating. If you're tired of constantly moving from one strict diet to another, always fighting hunger or the guilt from overeating, or always getting disappointed with the number of the scale, this book is what you need. You can change the narrative

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