Cancer, Curry & Me (Paperback)

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This cancer memoir goes where other books might not. It's a deeply personal look at the cancer patient journey from diagnosis to recovery; and the transformative power of healthy, homely food.

Cancer, Curry & Me gives the reader a glimpse into what life can be like after a breast cancer diagnosis. Each cancer patient's journey is different but some of the struggles remain the same. This is a raw, honest, and unapologetic narrative. One woman using her own experience to shed light on things people are often too scared to talk about.

Food plays an important role in the healing process; spiritually, mentally, and physically. The author draws us into her world of aroma, spice, and the memories associated with familiar flavours. Spices have been used in Ayurveda for centuries - they are the heart and soul of traditional cooking in India and South East Asia. The recipes in this book serve to comfort, boost immunity, and ignite a passion for Nepali and Indian cooking.

This is so much more than your average biography, dealing with topics such as:

  • The emotional upheaval of a cancer diagnosis
  • The cultural taboo associated with breasts, the female body, and cancer
  • The side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • The physical and mental side effects of a mastectomy and breast reconstruction
  • How cancer affects caregivers and loved ones
  • Ayurvedic spices, their properties, and how to use them
  • Traditional Indian and Nepali recipes that provide good nutrition and improve health

Cancer, Curry & Me is the perfect read for cancer patients looking for a story they can connect with. It's for caregivers and loved ones who are trying to understand. It's for anyone looking for more awareness of what a real health food journey entails.

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ISBN: 9781838152703
ISBN-10: 1838152709
Publisher: Health Life Spice
Publication Date: October 31st, 2020
Pages: 192
Language: English