Manipulation Techniques: An Introductive guide to Manipulation Techniques in daily life (Paperback)

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Do you want to learn how to influence people with dark psychology and NLP?

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Manipulation refers to the act of regulating somebody for your benefit, often fraudulently. The art of manipulation does not have to necessarily involve making people act the way you want them to, but it rather entails causing them to want to react the way you desire them to.

There are several ways you can use to get people to proceed the way you desire or require them to. You have to know their true yearnings, then reverse this towards the goal you want to achieve. Manipulation is more of a psychological scheme since it aims at changing the thought process of an individual through indirect and underhanded tactics. If the manipulator advances his or her interests, then such tactics are considered as manipulative and devious.

The handier the person is to you, the more stress-free it is to manipulate them. In most cases, your romantic partners are the best people to use when testing your manipulation skills. Controlling someone, and if it feels like a bad word; persuading someone, involves making someone feel like it was their decision all along.

This book covers the following topics:

- What is Manipulation?

- Types of Manipulation

- When to Use Manipulation?

- Victims of Manipulation

- Manipulation in Relationships

It has been established that men are easily manipulated through mastery and the individuality accompanying improvement since all they want is perfectionism. On the other hand, women tend to have balanced life relationships with their families and friends. Therefore, overpowering influences on precise interactions create a scorching longing to bring it up. In simple terms, this means that while women lean towards balance, men lean towards their emphasis on fastidiousness.

When manipulating someone, most individuals opt for the short term, but the real art of manipulation entails being affectionate about the long-term game. You need to be patient and make the persuasion look natural just like a professional, and the persuasiveness should flow without requiring loads of efforts. This forbearance helps in incapacitating the intellectual barriers that eventually helps you to have the right mindset.

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