Emotional Intelligence, How To Control Your Emotions, Improve Charisma & Analyze Body Language: Discover Empath & Stop manipulation from Anger Managem (Paperback)

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What are the Emotions for?

Can you manage what you are feeling to guarantee that you are not overwhelmed?

Do you feel motivated to get things done?

Are you empathetic to other people's emotions?

Being in tune with your emotions requires that you have the right answers to the questions which have been pointed out. But, this chapter does not focus on whether you answered these questions correctly or not. Rather, it pays attention to the importance of portraying emotional intelligence. Essentially, the main question we are trying to put across is; why is it important to be emotionally intelligent?

Perhaps you have the perception that emotional intelligence will only benefit individuals who often communicate with others. Well, this is not the case. Generally, EQ will lead to a balanced life. This is because it helps in improving your life in all areas. Every aspect of your life will depend on how well you deal with your emotions.

In our day to day experiences, emotional intelligence will imply being cognizant of our emotions and having the understanding that they could have a huge impact on our behaviors. People need to understand that their emotions can affect others either negatively or positively. More importantly, as part of improving their intelligence, they should effectively manage their emotions and those of others.

There are a number of situations who one would want to manage their EQ. In your working environment, you should know how to give and receive feedback. When meeting tight deadlines, you will have to manage your emotions well. Your personal relationships also require one to handle their emotions appropriately. Say you are going through a change, this transformation will also demand that you keep your emotions in check. Therefore, emotional intelligence is applicable in all areas of our lives. Mastering your EQ will mean that you will increase your chances of succeeding in anything you do.

Part of being emotionally intelligent demands that you socialize with other people. Ideally, it wouldn't make any sense for you to comprehend your emotions and those of others and fail to use your knowledge practically. Therefore, EQ goes beyond comprehending your emotions and those of others. It should be evident. People should see it in you through your day to day communication.

Your remarkable social skills will be gauged through the benefits you will be bringing out. For instance, in the professional arena, as a leader, it will be seen through the meaningful connections you will create with other workers. Essential social skills that one should portray include verbal and non-verbal communication skills, active listening, persuasiveness and leadership skills.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

- Understand what emotional intelligence is and know how to use it.

- Body language

- Empathy

- Anger management

- Self-confidence

- Because negative thinking can save our lives

- Self-awareness

- Develop your eq

- Put it to good use in relationships and workplace

- Beliefs and emotional intelligence

- The power of influence......and more

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