Kama sutra y sexo tántrico: ¡Una guía completa sobre cómo ser un experto en hacer el amor y aprender los modos modernos de estilos de sexo, posici (Hardcover)

Kama sutra y sexo tántrico: ¡Una guía completa sobre cómo ser un experto en hacer el amor y aprender los modos modernos de estilos de sexo, posici Cover Image
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Don't let the need for other items being brought into the bedroom make you feel as though you aren't doing enough. Adding items into the bedroom makes the experience more erotic and will provide for a great deal of pleasure for both individuals. For example, if you're bending your woman over and she needs her clitoris stimulated, try using a small vibrator on her. While you're penetrating her, you can reach your hand underneath and rub her clitoris with it while you're deep inside of her. This will really encourage an orgasm and you'll be able to see how she responds to this type of sexual activity. You also may be able to pleasure your man more by purchasing different types of lubricant that will allow him to go deeper inside of you.

Every one of us is born with the potential to experience great sensual pleasure. Our bodies are made for pleasure. Every sensory organ has the capacity to stimulate us to profound states of ecstasy, whether through sight, sound, taste, smell, or touch.

Sexual love is certainly an important component of our lives, especially in certain times of the year and certain stages of life. Hormones go crazy, the attraction gets stronger and sex - and more generally sexuality - sometimes seems to be the only thing that can give us some relief. But, in addition to being beneficial, sex and sexuality are also fun and can be experienced through games. To prove it, if needed, we can have a look at the many erotic games that humanity has invented over the centuries.

With that, we're basically saying that you need to stay healthy in order to fully enjoy the benefits of a healthy sex life. Don't forget to use protection at all times unless you are planning on having a baby.

It is also advisable to submit yourself for testing if you engage in sex with multiple partners. Remember: a little bit of prevention is better than a pound of cure

This book covers:

- What Is Intimacy

- The Kama Sutra

- How to Prepare the Mind and Body for Sex

- Unlocking Your Sexual Fantasies and Fetishes

- What is a Sexual Fantasy?

- What Is a Fetish and What Is a Kink?

- Tantric Sex

- Aphrodisiacs

- Sex Toys

- Sex Positions

- Positions for His Pleasure

- Positions for Her Pleasure

- How to Last Longer

- Intimacy Beyond The Bedroom

- How to Apply What You Have Learned

- Communication

And Much More

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