My Accountable Cards Manifestation Planner: A Key to Success (Hardcover)

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My Accountable Cards make you accountable for your daily actions. They

make you become your very own Life Coach Break down and question

your goal, even before it becomes a goal. Make sure that it is something

YOU are truly passionate about, something that YOU want for yourself.

By breaking down your goal you begin to see how committed you are. Once

you confirm you are committed, claim it as your own. Visualize yourself

achieving it. Truly claim it and Make It Happen. Let us bring it into fruition

The next step is to write down a clear FIVE-STEP-ACTION-PLAN needed

to achieve your goal.

Then, set an Achievement Date.

You become accountable by taking and evaluating your daily actions. Each

day you perform any action step, place a check mark on your calendar. By

the end of the month, you will determine how dedicated and committed

you are based on the check marks.

My Accountable Cards help you stay focused on exactly what it is that you

want in your life. In a sense, they also help you discover yourself. First, you

need to know what you want. Secondly, understand how you will achieve

your goal, You do this by writing down your Action Steps. Thirdly, you must

know when you want to accomplish your goal, you must know your deadline,

and you do this by setting an Achievement Date. The Last and most

important step is your reason why. This will ultimately be a driving factor in

ensuring you accomplish your goal.

Being Accountable becomes easier to do when utilizing the accountable

cards. You are essentially creating a Five-Step-Action-Plan for each of your

goals. You now have a concrete plan of action, using the calendar as your

accountable chart. You can set both short term and long term goals. Be

Accountable for your goals. Be Accountable for yourself and create the life

you desire.

When your first step will be simple, easy and convenient, you will never

hesitate to take the next ones Moving forward will not only be easier but

absolutely planned and organized. You won't be afraid of stumbling over

distractions or time-wasting activities when you will have all your goals

penned down and already set for you My Accountable Cards is your sure

shot key to success. As always, every successful journey starts with the

singular most important thing in life - the first step

Eventually, you will be the owner of your ACTIONS, LIFE and DESTINY

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Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
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