Oink, Oink: To Live and Think Like Pigs

"'We optimise as others breathe! We are the first generation to so perfectly 'internalise' all behaviours as scarcity behaviours! Nothing escapes this, including relationship problems, suicide, altruism previously confiscate by the intoxicating theories of the Pétroleuses.

'Take relationships, for example... Doesn't getting married mean coming up against a specific market of goods and services along withs its rules, investments (children) and its competition for rare resources (IQ, sex appeal, education, wealth) that stroke the utility curves in the right direction? Can a couple last if it doesn't suceed in increasing the utility function of both partners?'"

-Gilles Châtelet, To Live and Think Like Pigs, p. 111

Pandemic, Survival, Racial Justice, Books of the Day, and Now We Are 91

This is the first newsletter we’ve produced since the world was changed by pandemic earlier this year and writing it was not easy. Our culture is stretched with conflict, insecurity and division and I have lost faith in national and local leaders and the ability of American institutions to steward us sanely through this turmoil.


5 Solid LGBTQ+ Kids' Books

Until very recently, LGBTQ+ narratives have been slyly coded in literature rather than joyously explored, particularly in children's books. Finally, our and our queer forebearers' efforts have come to fruition.

I'm so pleased to be discovering such a bulk and variety of queer books for kids, books that explore the intersectionalities and multiplicity of identity, that feature developed queer kid characters as well as queer adults, and that include not only gay but also gender-queer persons.